Research Group of Professor Tian Zheng

data and models
-- We thrive to learn intricate structures hidden in data,
improve prediction of complex systems
and create beautiful visualization that tells an interesting story.


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Professor Tian Zheng
Mohammad Khabbazian
(Post Doc; Starting Dec/16')
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Swupnil Sahai, Ph.D. student in
Tim Jones, Ph.D. student in
Jing (Wendy) Wu, Ph.D. candidate in
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Nathan Lenssen, Ph.D. student in
Chengliang Tang, Ph.D. student in

Former members

2016 Yuting Ma (Two Sigma)
2016 Lu Meng (Bank of America)
2015 Ran He (Bell Labs)
2015 Shirin Golchi (Postdoc, jointly with Andrew Gelman)
2015 Linda Tan (Postdoc)
2014 Hui Zhou, jointly with Professor Shuang Wang (UBS investment bank)
2013 Ying Liu (Google Inc)
2012 Pengfei Zang, jointly with Professor Richard Davis (Knight Capital Group)
2011 Tyler McCormick (University of Washington)
2008 Yuejing Ding (Aspect Capital, Ltd)
2006 Xin Yan, jointly with Professor Shaw-Hwa Lo (Russell Investments)
2006 Hui Wang, jointly with Professor Shaw-Hwa Lo (Goldman Sachs)